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Our students, faculty and staff, and the community deserve the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment. After 40 years, the current Casper College Visual Arts building is simply not up to today’s safety standards. With expanded classroom and creative spaces and updated equipment and technology, the new Visual Arts Center will meet all required safety standards, providing users a safe, functional place to explore a career in the arts.

The new visual arts building will offer an abundance of new features that will enhance the learning experience for each student that utilizes the new facility.

When envisioning the new space, each element was created with a purpose. From the simple, yet striking features of the exterior, to the systems that will run the heating and cooling, to the actual placement of the building, each decision was intentional.

Built in 1974, the current Visual Arts building covers approximately 17,000 square feet in a one-level building. At one point, this space was state-of-the-art and provided the space needed to help our students excel. Fast forward 47 years, and this no longer meets the standards of today’s artistic and technological needs, student population, or the classes in demand.

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The new, expanded Visual Arts building will solve all of the problems the current building spatially cannot. With 31,825 square feet of usable space, the new facility is nearly two times the size of the existing facility. This means that there will be much space for students to work in and exhibit their projects.

Keeping the exterior of the building simplistic will allow for more funding to be allocated to the technology and features inside the classrooms. However, the new Visual Arts building will still have a striking exterior. A mixture of stucco and metal will highlight one of the most wonderful features of the new building: a plethora of windows. From the outside, these windows will draw the eye to the unique architecture of the building, but on the inside, it will provide the best natural light needed for many of the visual arts classes available.

In preparation for the new building, great measures were taken to save as many trees as possible by keeping the footprint of the new building close the existing site. The design was meant to complement the existing buildings, old and new, on the Casper College campus.

Through our community of support, the Casper College Foundation and Alumni Association is enhancing art education opportunities by supporting the construction of this new Visual Arts Center at Casper College. With your help, we can ensure our students, faculty and staff, and surrounding community are provided improved equipment and technology, as well as safe, creative space to excel in the arts.

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