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Congratulations to our 2024 Distinguished Alumni and Commitment to Excellence recipients! 

2024 Distinguished Alumni

Jon Schaffner

he Schaffner graduated from Casper College in 1998 with two Associate of Science degrees, one in engineering and the other in physics. But Schaffner’s road to Casper College and eventually the Navy might have turned out differently if he hadn’t spent his summer following his junior year in high school working on a drilling rig for True Drilling. “I had just turned 18, and working that job gave me the opportunity to reflect on my life goals, and this set me on the course of my adult life,” Schaffner said.

Looking over Schaffner’s many accomplishments and honors he received during his naval career, it’s hard to imagine that he was not always a serious student in school. As he tells it, his high school academics took a backseat to “rodeoing, working, hunting, fishing, and shenanigans.” He admits that he even graduated high school in the bottom half of his class. Read More

2024 Commitment to Excellence

Kathy Dolan

Kathleen “Kathy” Dolan has been selected to receive the Casper College Alumni Association’s 2024 Commitment to Excellence award.

Dolan is best known for her presence at nearly every Casper College event. Not only has she been serving on the college’s board of trustees since her election in November 2002, but she is a friendly face at college concerts, plays, groundbreakings, athletic games, festivals, and conferences. “Kathy’s tireless dedication to all things Casper College has been a hallmark of her service to Casper College. Her efforts to increase student success and enhance the college experience for our students have been, simply put, tremendous,” noted Casper College President Darren Divine.  Read More

Please welcome Ryan Hieb, our new Alumni Board President.

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Your support helps the CC Foundation transform student lives, aid on-campus improvements and expansions as well as provide valuable community enrichment programs.

Student Success

Because of you, we are helping Thunderbird dreams take flight as we help shape futures at Casper College. Your unwavering support has transformed lives and opened doors to countless possibilities for our students.

"In general, all the interactions I had, whether it was Shakira, a custodian in my dorm wing, or Chad Hanson, whose classes I attended in two different semesters, have always had the same welcoming atmosphere, which I found to be “normal” at Casper College. So, if anybody would ask me again, “Why Casper?” from a retro perspective, I would say the people.

But there is a significant factor, I couldn’t ignore, especially as an international student. Studying in Germany is free if you go to public universities and not to private schools. So, you could technically become a lawyer, doctor, or teacher, without paying a dime in tuition. That made me realize I needed a solution for that. Joining an athletic team can be one solution. Another one would be to be particularly smart and clever… so I chose the soccer team. Yet international fees are high and cannot be fully covered by the program. For example, our men’s soccer roster was over 60% international this year. Therefore, we rely on other financial support.

Right now, I want to thank each and every donor who helps and supports educational development for students at Casper College and opens, or should I say kicks down, doors for those who want to study at a welcoming and open-minded place like Casper College. You help students reach goals they never seemed to reach and invite people from all over the world who never thought to be invited to Casper College." -Mads

Your gift to Casper College opens the door of opportunity for our students. Whether you make a gift in support of scholarships, our faculty, an academic program, or the greatest needs of the University, your generosity has a profound and lasting impact.

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