Donor Luncheon

We are grateful to our donors!

We wanted to share a few words of gratitude from some of our Casper College Students. 

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"As a student who has benefited significantly from scholarships and financial aid, I want to also thank you for your generous donations to all of the students of Casper College. These donations are essential for so many, including myself, who wish to achieve their educational and career goals with purpose and a sense of freedom. Freedom from financial uncertainty. Freedom from loans, unwanted debt, and the stresses that come with the costs of college. Freedom to follow our dreams and chase our aspirations. Freedom to learn, and freedom to grow. I know that sounds a little cheesy, but it really is true. For those who cannot afford the full cost of college, donations and financial aid are an absolutely necessary part of our success. Donations are meaningful and impactful. They provide the vital breathing room so many of us require to achieve our educational and career goals."  - Keenan

"I’m standing here today because I wanted you to see me.  A recipient of your donations. I wanted you to hear me. To listen to my story. To tell you that this is more than just about money. It is about hope. It is about creating a stepping stone. It is a new pair of bootstraps. It rejuvenates the fighting spirit. Asking for help is often shunned upon. And I never understood why. Asking for help is the hardest. But bravest and most courageous act a person can do. And responding is the most compassionate act of humanism a person can do in their lifetime, and I thank you for that." - Isabeau

"Right now is the moment where I want to thank each and every donor who helps and supports educational development for students at Casper College and open, or should I say, kick down doors for those who want to study at a welcoming and open-minded place like Casper College. You help students reach goals they never seemed to reach and invite people from all over the world who never thought to be invited to Casper College. 

In general, all the interactions I had, whether it was Shakira, a custodian in my dorm wing, or Chad Hanson, whose classes I attended in two different semesters. It has always the same, welcoming atmosphere, which I found to be “normal” at Casper College. So, if anybody would ask me again, “Why Casper?” in retro perspective, I will say the people. " - Mads

We wouldn't be able to do what we do without the support of people like you!

Your gift to Casper College opens the door of opportunity for our students. Whether you make a gift in support of scholarships, our faculty, an academic program, or the greatest needs of the University, your generosity has a profound and lasting impact.