Exemplary Alumni

For Their Commitment to the Institution and Their Success

In 1996, Casper College celebrated its 50th anniversary. During the anniversary celebration “The Spirit of the Thunderbird”, a monumental brass sculpture by Casper College’s own Chris Navarro, was dedicated. There was also a banquet honoring 50 exemplary alumni in honor of the college’s 50 successful years. Exemplary alumni were chosen for their commitment to the institution and their success following graduation.

75th Anniversary Exemplary Alumni Honorees

  • Dr. Asher Albertson Casper College: AS, 2003 Neurologist at Washington University School of Medicine
  • Dale Anderson Casper College: AS 1993, Director of Fire Science program at CC and community volunteer
  • Jim Anderson Casper College: AB 1974, State Senator
  • Father Kevin Burke Casper College: 1972, Vice President for Mission at Regis University in Denver, CO
  • Rachelle Carnesale Casper College: AA 1987, Superior Court Judge in Fulton City, GA
  • Derrel Carruth Casper College: AS 1965, Retired USDA, State Director for Rural Development
  • Brenda Creel Casper College: AS 1982, Award-winning Principal and Educator
  • Kee Dunning Casper College: AA 1979, Youth Counselor
  • Joshua Hamilton,  Casper College: AS 1995 and 1999, Owner Josh Hamilton Psychiatric and Behavioral Health
  • Erin Hawley, JD Casper College: AS 2000, Faculty at University of Missouri, clerked for Supreme Court Justice Roberts
  • Lawrence Heim Casper College: AA 1985, IT and banking professional
  • Neal Jacquot Casper College: AA 1962, Advised the Secretary of the Interior for BLM coal leasing projects
  • Tyler Lesher Casper College: AS 2011, Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Charlotte Hornets
  • David Long Casper College: 1972, Retired Colorado State Patrolman
  • Reza Maleki, PhD Casper College: 1979, Senior Business Advisor for Impact Dakota
  • Patricia McInroy, MFA Casper College: AA, AA, AA 1989, Faculty at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
  • Frank Neville Casper College: AA 1966, Founder of Williams, Porter, Day and Neville
  • Jennifer S. Rodi Casper College: AS, AA 1996, NTSB Investigator
  • Celestina Rossi Casper College: AB 1995, Senior Crime investigator with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
  • Melissa Salee Casper College: AS 1997, OB/GYN Casper practice
  • Colton Sasser Casper College: AS 2016, Co-owner of Caspar Building systems and Co-founder of Hunting with Heroes
  • Jerry Spicer Casper College: 1968, Organizational leadership expert
  • Mike Stepp Casper College: AAS 1980, Owner Donelle’s Chocolate and community volunteer
  • Richard Sullins Casper College: AS 1973, Retired Faculty, development team leader at Texas Instruments
  • Guy Worthey Casper College: AS 1995, Associate Professor of Physics at Washington State University

50th Anniversary Exemplary Alumni Honorees

  • William A. Anderson Casper College: 1947-48 A.A, Col. U.S. Army Ret., Engineer.
  • Ronald A. Baugh Casper College: 1966-68 A.S, Consulting Geologist
  • Charlotte M. Babcock Casper College: 1947-49 A.A., Freelance writer, and poet
  • Steven L. Bealer Casper College: 1967-69 A.S., Professor of physiology and biophysics University of Tenn., Memphis
  • Jude M. Banahene Casper College: 1981-83 A.S., Senior project engineer Xerox Corporation
  • Bill B. Brauer Casper College: 1954-56 A.A., CPA, chairman of the Natrona County Commissioners
  • Jamal A. Barghouti Casper College: 1967-69 A.S., Engineer, chief of operations for Conoco
  • David W. Brock Casper College: 1969-71, World champion calf roper, an instructor and a competition judge
  • Mark Cioc Casper College: 1970-72 A.S., Provost of Stevenson College, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Valerie A. Cavender Casper College: 1983-89/A.A.S ’85, Specialist for the court supervision of mental health offenders
  • Marie Minor Davis Casper College: 1948-64/A.A. ’50, Professional musician (soprano)
  • Gaye Strausner Cayot Casper College: 1981-1983 A.S. Mechanical engineer for Northrup.
  • Doug O. Dehning, M.D. Casper College: 1973-75 A.S., Director of vitreoretinal services
  • David L. Demorest Casper College: 1968-70 A.S., Technical director in the development of radiochemical protocol
  • Hank J. Franzen Casper College: 1976-79 A.S., Owner Powder River Rodeo Production Company
  • Eric Dietrich Casper College: 1972-74 A.S., Professor of philosophy, computers and cognitive science at Binghamton University
  • Kathy L. Gardner M.D. Casper College: 1977-81 A.S., Neurologist
  • Ron Franscell Casper College: 1975-81 A.A./’78, Writer, newspaper publisher
  • Patty Boyles Goble Casper College: 1978-80 A.A., Actress, singer, dancer
  • Paul E. Hallock Casper College: 1963-65 A.A., Executive Director of Casper College Foundation
  • Timothy B. Icenogle M.D. Casper College: 1971-73 A.S., Cardiothoracic and transplant surgeon in private practice
  • Delores Jean Hayek Casper College: 1959-61 A.A., President of the Wyoming Education Association
  • Raymond Jacquot Casper College: 1956-58 A.A., Professor of electrical engineering
  • Georgia L. Huckeby Casper College: 1958-60, Caregiver at Ferries Funeral Home
  • Perry Kaufman Casper College: 1962-64 A.A., Educator
  • Glenn Mansur Casper College: 1978-79, Pilot-Engineer United Airlines
  • Judge Harry E. Leimback Casper College: 1946-48 A.A., Attorney Judge of 7th district court
  • Frieda Noell McCoy Casper College: 1963-65 A.S., (Deceased) Owner/Consultant
  • Benjamin G. Lockerd, Jr. Casper College: 1969-70 A.A., Associate Professor Grand Valley State University, Michigan
  • Lawrence E. Middaugh Casper College: 1947-49 A.A., Deputy Natrona County Attorney
  • Rodney Gene Mahaffey Casper College: 1969-71 A.A., Writer, teacher
  • Diana Jean Ohman Casper College: 1968-70 A.A., Educator Wyoming Secretary of State
  • Jim Milek Casper College: 1960-62 A.A., Professor of Biology
  • Kay Williams O’Leary D.D.S. Casper College: 1964-65 A.S., Orthodontist
  • Gail Keeney Mulligan, D.D. Casper College: 1974-76 A.A., Priest
  • Rodney L. Patik Casper College: 1981-85/double A.S. ’84, Private Consultant
  • Holly L. Nye Casper College: 1971-74 A.S. ’83, Lt. Cdr. USN, Ret.
  • James A. Porter Casper College: 1965-67 A.A., President CPA Firm
  • Terry R. Spraker D.V.M. Casper College: 1966-68 A.S., Veterinary Pathologist
  • Keith E. Propp Casper College: 1970-71, Scientist Kaman Sciences Corporation
  • Victor J. Stalick Casper College: 1956-68 A.A., System Engineer Fujitsu Network transmission systems divisions
  • Leo Sanchez Casper College: 1957-59 A.A., Teacher
  • Jacqueline Carpenter Valdez Casper College: 1961-63 A.A., Professor of English
  • LeRoy Strausner Casper College: 1958-60 A.A., President Casper College
  • Robert Washut Casper College: 1969-71 A.A., Professor of Music University of Northern Iowa
  • David H. Throgmorton Casper College: 1970-72, Vice President for Academic Affairs Barat College Illinois
  • Arlen R. Wilson Casper College: 1960-62 A.A., Labor attache/first Administrator
  • Katherine Tripeny Casper College: 1949-51 A.A., Director St. Anthony North Side Center
  • Karen K. Wulff Casper College: 1979, ’84-’86 A.S., CPA Gerald T. Stack and Associates
  • H.A. “Hank” True III Casper College: 1961-63 A.S., Business Owner/Entrepreneur

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