Why Give?

Because of you...

Because of you, we are helping Thunderbird dreams take flight as we help shape futures at Casper College. Your unwavering support has transformed lives and opened doors to countless possibilities for our students. The Casper College Foundation’s mission is to enhance the educational opportunities and the environment at Casper College. The Foundation takes this mission to heart and encourages giving because of the impact giving has on our campus. With over $1,600,000 in scholarships given in FY2022, it’s easy to see why giving truly matters. Casper College’s community enrichment opportunities support learning throughout Natrona County and beyond.

Student Success

Connie, recipient of the Barbara Wheeler Schoarship

“Thank you so much, once again, for the scholarships offered to single parents at Casper College. Without your generosity, I would never have been able to achieve my first goal of attending college and attaining my associate's degree. This program is vital to the success of Casper College, in my humble opinion. The ability for non-traditional students to attend college gives people like me a second chance at a career, a life, and newfound confidence in themselves. Casper College is an amazing institution with even more amazing teachers; Casper is blessed to have this school here. ”

Student Success

Lauren, recipient of the Blue Envelope Tate Health Science Scholarship

“Your generous contribution has allowed me to pursue my associate degree at Casper College. I am currently enrolled in my last semester of the Nursing program. My goal is to someday be a nurse in a rural community, while still able to pursue my dreams of living on a small farm or ranch. Medical professionals are needed to keep our communities healthy, even on the farm. I have a passion for agriculture and medicine, and regardless of where I may land, it will always be a part of my life. I believe living is not about what we receive in life, but who we have given back to and to who we lifted. Thank you for helping me make my dreams a reality. I hope to one day be on the other end, making future students' goals possible as well. This scholarship has paid for my nursing school tuition allowing me to focus on my academic pursuits. Without your donation, I would not be able to fulfill my professional ambition of becoming a registered nurse. Thank you for your continued support and investment in my future. ”

Student Success

Alona, recipient of the Elvin and Jacque Booth Scholarship

“I am endlessly grateful for the opportunities that Casper College has brought to me, but none of these opportunities would be possible without the gracious scholarships that I have received. I appreciate your consideration, time, and efforts in choosing me, and am so very grateful to be able to seize new opportunities and achieve what I thought was going to be impossible. Thank you for making my future brighter and for being the superhero that changes lives like mine! ”

Student Success

Kasey, recipient of the Dewey Stadler Scholarship

“I'm attending Casper college as a rodeo athlete and majoring in fire science technology and agriculture. I assure you that your award to me is greatly appreciated and is a big deal as far as getting through college goes. I'm the first college student in my family and grew up as a farm kid in small-town Colorado where college really is a tough option for us due to the cost in itself. But this money will be put to good use as it will help put me through the school and training that is required for me to join the fire service and serve the people in my community. I've always loved helping people and love getting to be what some people see as their heroes. Community service has always helped me feel good about myself and I like the way it directly and positively affects those who I am serving. I've volunteered for literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of community service over the last few years. It's just the way I was raised and I love the idea and purpose behind it, which is why I am choosing this career path. Thank you for giving and donating to my future, so I can get qualified to donate and give back to everybody else's future.”

Student Success

Owen, recipient of the Richard M. Baker Scholarship

“I am writing to thank you for your generous $1300 Richard M. Baker Scholarship. I was very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of your scholarship. It has been a dream of mine to attend college and that is finally coming true! Thank you for your generosity which has allowed me to pursue an education that I never thought was possible. Coming from a family of seven, I will be paying my own way through college. Not only do I have four brothers, but one of them is my twin. With the financial state that my family is currently in, college is not realistic for either of us unless we do it on our own. Neither of my parents has a college education. Growing up and watching how this has impacted their lives has shown me how important a college education really is. Putting myself through college and pursuing the career of my dreams is a goal that I will go above and beyond to attain. I can not explain my gratitude for being one of the luckiest kids in Wyoming to receive this enormous amount of money.”

Student Success

Miles, recipient of the Jim and Audrey Bailey Scholarship

“My ultimate goal is to achieve a degree in engineering from the University of Wyoming. I have completed 19 credit hours in the last seven months and now have a total of 33 credits with a cumulative GPA of 4.0. I have a deep gratitude for everyone and for every organization that has helped me climb out of the depths of despair and realize my potential for success and happiness through determination and hard work. The scholarship I received from the Jim and Audrey Bailey Foundation is another form of this help that is graciously and humbly accepted.”

Your gift to Casper College opens the door of opportunity for our students. Whether you make a gift in support of scholarships, our faculty, an academic program, or the greatest needs of the University, your generosity has a profound and lasting impact.