1998 Distinguished Alumni

Paul R. “Bob” Streich

A highly decorated naval aviator, Paul R. “Bob” Streich served as Admiral Byrd’s chief pilot during operation “Deep Freeze,” the discovery and exploration period of the Antarctic Continent. Streich made the first night flight over the Antarctic continent. He was honored by the Worldwide Explorer’s Club as one of its 50 most noteworthy explorers of the 20th Century. His military career took him to the Pentagon, where he served the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mount Streich, a buttress-type mountain on the continent of Antarctica, is named for him. Streich graduated from Casper College with an A.S. degree in 1948, subsequently earning a B.A. from the University of Colorado in 1962 and an MBA from Colorado University in 1977. Following his retirement from the Navy, he owned and operated a commercial hydroponic greenhouse in Colorado Springs, Colo.